Sony Are Aware Of Playstation Error ws-37403-7, Working On A Fix


Sony has tweeted that they are aware of the problems people have been experiencing with PlayStation error code ws-37403-7 and ws-37398-0 and that they are working on a fix to the problem.

Earlier today thousands of gamers found themselves unable to do much of anything with their PlayStation 4’s as an error seemed to spread across the PlayStation Network. It is safe to say that Sony was aware of the issue when it first started to affect customers around the world, but they appear to have been unable to fix it before the need to send the tweet became apparent.

The internet is having mixed reactions to the outage, as the internet generally tends to do. Many people seem to appreciate that it is a temporary thing, while others seem to be pretty angry about the issues. The majority of people seem to have been unable to log on to the PSN, while others were but were getting other messages.

Some people appear to have received an error telling them that they have no PS Plus membership, but this seems to be tied into the ongoing issues, so if you have seen this message despite knowing your PS Plus membership is all paid up then there is no need to worry.

All we can do at the moment is keep an eye on that service status using the official status checker, and wait for a fix. We will keep you update with any news about the network problem as it breaks.