Spider-Man Sets New Record On PS4 With 3.3 Million Copies Sold In First Three Days


Sony has announced that Marvel’s Spider-Man has managed to sell 3.3 million copies in the first three days of availability. The game has launched as a PlayStation 4 exclusive action open world game.

This sets a brand new record for Sony’s first party lineup, as it has beaten God of War’s previous record of 3.1 million copies in the first three days. Also, pre-orders were over 1 million and this sets another record for the platform holder.


“Our expectations are always set at the highest levels,” said Stephen Turvey, PlayStation’s global senior vice president of sales and head of North America business operations. Turvey credits developer Insomniac Games and Marvel with “bringing Spider-Man back to gaming in a way that you want to experience it.”

“It’s met and exceeded all expectations. I think the company and the campus and our fans are super proud of it.”

Interestingly, Sony didn’t share any specific number for what matters the dollar sales, but as told by USA Today with a retail price of $59.99 (which is a lot higher here in Europe) they should be around $198 million. That’s higher than the $117 achieved in the opening weekend by Spider-Man Homecoming at cinemas.

Spider-Man has launched on September 7.