Creator of Spyro the Dragon Is “Disappointed” By Not Being Informed About the Reignited Trilogy


In a new interview released to the YouTube channel Game Brain, Spyro the Dragon’s creator, character artist Charles Zembillas, revealed he wasn’t involved at all in the project and is “disappointed” by the fact he wasn’t even informed about the remaster before it got announced.

Spyro Character Artist Disappointed With Reignited Trilogy

Zembillas, who was the character artist behind Crash Bandicoot as well, revealed he got the same treatment back in the days of the much appreciated N.Sane Trilogy by Vicarious Visions for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Interestingly, the artist explained that he got highly “disappointed” about the announcement of the Reignite Trilogy mainly because Activision even used a sketch of his from the original Spyro the Dragon project back in 2002.

On top of this, he added he feels that the new, remastered version of the game is basically reflecting what he really meant the title to be when he did those sketches. So, from one perspective he’s disappointed, but from the other, he sees that Toys for Bob is doing a great job in representing the true vision of Spyro.

You can hear more from him in the video below.