Apocalypse expac, hive minds coming to Stellaris: Console Edition in second expansion pass

Planet killers and the hive-mind collective are coming May 12.

Image via Paradox Interactive

This morning Paradox Games announced the release date of the second expansion pass for Stellaris: Console Edition. The new add-ons will release alongside the console version update 2.2 on May 12. The expansion will include the Humanoid Species Pack, the Synthetic Dawn Story Pack, and the Apocalypse Expansion.

The Apocalypse expansion will allow players to unleash destruction on a whole new level. The expansion allows players to build the powerful Ion Cannon defense module capable of hitting targets on the opposite end of the system. Mercenaries can spawn on the fringes of the galaxy and can be hired to raid enemy empires. Players will also be able to build the expensive Colossus class of planet-killer ships.

Synthetic Dawn will give players access to a new civilization that has some similarities to a hive mind. Players can build an empire as a new machine race hoping to spread their robotic collective across the galaxy. The pack includes a new unique storyline and new game mechanics to complement the customizable AI race.

Finally, the Humanoid Species Pack will allow players to build an empire as a range of human or human-like races. The pack includes new portraits, voice-overs, and ship models for players and the AI competitors to use to build new humanoid empires.