Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Now Has A Reveal Trailer, Release Date Is Confirmed


Respawn have let loose the reveal trailer for their upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and boy does it look good. If you have been hungry for a good old slice of singleplayer pie from the Star Wars bakery, this trailer is for you.

Set after the events of Order 66, you will play the part of a Padawan who survived the purge. As Cal, you will be engaging in some melee based, action-driven adventures as you try to survive in a universe that wants you dead. I might be a bit off the mark here, but it is just nice to be able to get excited about a Star Wars game where I will get to know more about the world it is set in, and the characters that live there.

There are also some other interesting bits of information that were doing the rounds that have no now been confirmed. The game is built in the Unreal Engine, which is good news for a lot of people, mainly because the Unreal Engine is a great foundation for action games. The trailer also confirms earlier leaks about the release date, confirming the game will be coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 15 of this year. That sets it up for a solid march right into the heart of the fabled “Holiday Season”.

In a panel held earlier today, Respawn spoke about how the game’s combat system involved Force powers, Lightsabers, and would demand skill and thought to succeed, which sounds fantastic to me. I’m really looking forward to gameplay reveal before I buy my own ticket on the Fallen Order hype train, but I have to say, they have me interested with everything they have revealed so far.