Star Wars Jedi: Survivor PC Port Slammed by Thousands of Negative Reviews

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fans playing on PC are encountering multiple performance and framerate issues, despite using high-end hardware.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has arrived, and fans can dive into the game starting today. The highly anticipated sequel to 2019’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a follow-up that fans have been looking forward to checking out for years.

However, not every fan is excited about this release. PC players feel like they got the short end of the stick as they launch the game, and find themselves overwhelmed with multiple errors, crashes, and a generally unplayable game. Jedi: Survivor fans had early fears of this, given a handful of reviewers had problems with this and mentioned these issues in their reviews.

Jedi: Survivor Steam Page Review Bombed due to PC Issues

Negative reviews are pouring onto the Steam page. At this time, over 2,500 reviews have gone on the Steam page, pushing it into a “Mostly Negative” response from fans. This is in direct contrast to many reviewers praising the overall game’s story, combat, exploration, and essential upgrades from the first game.

Fans have also taken to the comments to share their thoughts on the performance of the Jedi: Survivor PC port. There are negative comments, praising the “loading screen is pretty okay,” to, “game is extremely fun but performs terribly,” and even, “Really nice game. Performance is okay.

There are far more negative reviews sharing their displeasure, and you can find those throughout the review section on Steam. EA and Respawn have shared responses that they plan to spend the next few weeks working on the game’s performance, but this could ultimately affect the long-term values of Jedi: Survivor moving forward.

From our experience, we did play and reviewed this game on Steam. Although there were a handful of errors, a day-one patch has helped sort out most of the issues, and we have yet to encounter any game-breaking bugs or crashes.

Hopefully, EA and Respawn are quick to respond to the community. However, outside of the PC performance, it looks like PlayStation and Xbox were mostly saved from this fate, and fans are enjoying their time on these platforms going through their Star Wars adventures with Cal Kestis.