Starfield Fan Gifted Adorable Game Day Gift Basket by Girlfriend

As fans prepare for the next big RPG from Bethesda, even friends and family realize how important a moment Starfield’s launch is.


Image via Bethesda

With the early access release for Starfield mere hours away, fans are making their final preparations before diving into Bethesda’s latest RPG for the foreseeable future. With 1,000 planets to explore and what feels like limitless potential for exploration, fans of the developer’s previous titles, such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4, are ready to lose themselves for the rest of 2023 to this game.

Starfield is such a big moment, and fans have been talking excitedly about it with anyone who will listen for so long that even friends, family, and partners are getting involved in the preparation for the title’s launch. Today, one fan shared the adorable RPG-themed gift basket of treats their girlfriend presented them with because their excitement for the game is so infectious.

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Starfield Fan’s Girlfriend Presented Them With a Full Gift Basket of Goodies in Preparation for its Early Access Launch

In a recent post on the Starfield Subreddit, one fan shared the incredibly wholesome present their girlfriend gave them ahead of the game’s early access launch today. They explain how their girlfriend was so excited for them to play Starfield that they put together a gift basket with snacks, each labeled according to an RPG stat, a t-shirt, and a framed poster.

This gift basket is adorable, and every fan commenting on the post thinks so. The original poster explained how their girlfriend didn’t play games when they first met but now does, showing that this gift is the result of a shared hobby the pair clearly spends a lot of time together doing. “It’s awesome, she didn’t like games before we met, now she plays cozy games on my Switch while I play on my Xbox. I’m truly lucky.”

The top comment echoes the sentiments every Starfield fan seems to have to this gift basket. “Put a ring on her.” But, of course, this gift represents more than that. It shows they value their partner’s interests and want to show they do through a love language they understand, and it’s played out perfectly. “Nice, she will be so excited/ecstatic, that girl is definitely in love with you if she’s doing all that.”

Other users have chimed in with stories of what their partners have done for them when they know a big exciting game is coming out. One even had a similar experience with Bethesda’s last major RPG release, Fallout 4. “My wife did this for me for Fallout 4. That was the day I decided I needed to put a ring on it and I did. Good luck buddy!!!”

This game sounds like it will be so big and open for all gameplay styles that fans may never need another game until The Elder Scrolls 6 is released. Our review certainly suggests this is an RPG not to be missed. With support from friends and family like this, removing any stigma associated with sitting inside and playing video games for hours, relationships have as much freedom to blossom as it looks like players have to roam the night sky in Starfield.