Steam Deck update adds quicker Offline Mode, no longer requires restarting Steam

Plus a number of changes and fixes to the handheld.

Image via Valve

Valve has released a new client update for the Steam Deck that adds a couple of addition and fixes to the device. The major one detailed in the patch notes is definitely the update to the device’s offline mode which no longer requires players to restart Steam in order to get into the mode.

For anyone unaware, the offline mode on Steam Deck works similarly on PC according to Valve’s FAQ. Players will need to be online to download games but once the game is on the Steam Deck, players shouldn’t have a problem playing a game on the device even without an internet connection. However, if a game requires an internet connection that’s a different story, players will need to switch back to online mode to play the game then.

It isn’t just about the Steam Deck’s offline mode, the update also adds Steam button support for the equivalent on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo controllers. Some changes also include a new section to app properties that allow users to provide Steam Deck Compatibility feedback and a fix to the collection detail view in the library where now clicking ‘B’ brings players back to the ‘All’ collection view.

Check out the full patch notes for a more detailed look at all the additions and fixes. As for future Steam Deck owners, Valve announced on Twitter it has started shipping out Q2 reservations which are expected to ramp up following the announcement.