Teamfight Tactics: Dragonlands will go live on the PBE this May

A new dragon-filled set is coming soon.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics is approaching its final month of the controversial Set 6.5 midset update, which followed one of the most successful Teamfight Tactics sets since its release. Now, the Teamfight Tactics team is preparing to tease its next major set, Set 7, currently titled Teamfight Tactics: Dragonlands. This set will feature the return of some gameplay mechanics found in previous sets, such as the Armory and the recently introduced Augments system.

Teamfight Tactics: Dragonlands will be available to play on the Public Beta Environment for League of Legends on May 24, and will go live with Patch 12.11. As the name implies, Dragonlands will be heavily themed around dragons in the League of Legends universe, and bring us some mythical action to the world of Teamfight Tactics.

We have seen some of Set 7 already in the TFT Dev Drop posted on January 19. The lore of this set will follow “clans who compete for power across various islands, each worshipping their own powerful ancient dragons locked behind the mysteries of dormant shrines.”

Set 7 of TFT will also mark the game’s third birthday, hopefully bringing us some festive celebrations. Look out for when the first iteration of Teamfight Tactics: Dragonlands drops onto the PBE.