The Division 2’s Day One Patch is 90GB for Physical Copy PS4 Players

The Division 2 releases on March 15 and PlayStation 4 owners who planned to have a physical copy of the game are going to have to deal with a 90GB day one patch. In comparison, physical copy owners for the Xbox One and PC only have to download a 50GB day one patch.

Unfortunately, there are no exact details shared about why there’s such a download size difference between the two versions. When the full patch notes get released before The Division 2’s launch day, we may have further light shed on the matter. Here’s the official word taken from Ubisoft’s website.

The Division 2 Day One Patch Sizes

You can read the full details on Ubisoft’s support page, where they only list the download sizes, but little about the information about what the patch contains. Near the end of the page, Ubisoft urges players to uninstall the Private or Open beta builds they have in their hardware to help free up space. Doing so won’t make a huge dent, though.

However, there might be some good news for many players. While Ubisoft’s support website lists the 90GB day one patch, there’s also this information we posted below on The Division 2’s website, which could bring about further clarity.

New Information On The Day One Patch

As you can see, this website says that PlayStation 4 physical copy owners can expect similar downloads to the Xbox One and PC versions. On Ubisoft’s main support website, someone may have listed it incorrectly, thus making the PlayStation 4 download seem far more extensive than it is.

We won’t know until launch day, which is on March 15. If you haven’t already, make sure to pre-order The Division 2, and there are multiple versions for you to choose.