The Last of Us 2: Release Date, Details, and More

The Last of Us 2 promises to surpass its excellent predecessor in every way. Set a few years after the conclusion of the original game, The Last of Us 2 features Ellie as the main protagonist once again. Ellie appears to have grown into a fierce young adult that’s even more battle-hardened by her surroundings. Details about the whereabouts of key characters such as Joel remain unknown at the moment, but if trailers are any indication, Ellie seems hellbent on revenge.

THE LAST OF US 2 Official Trailer (PS4)

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The Last of Us 2 features a unique blend of stealth action and survival horror gameplay. If players are grabbed by the iconic Clickers, it’s an instant game over as the creatures take a huge bite out of your neck. Not only will the various special infected hunt players down, but gamers will usually have to deal with intelligent bandits. Bandits will flank you and use realistic/strategic tactics to dispatch players. So far, The Last of Us 2 seems to retain much of the gameplay that made players fall in love with the original. The excellent story-telling seems fully intact as well.

THE LAST OF US 2 Gameplay Demo (E3 2018)

THE LAST OF US 2 Gameplay Demo (E3 2018) * Platform: PS4 * Release Date: To be announced ►SUBSCRIBE:

While Naughty Dog hasn’t given an exact release date of the highly anticipated title, recent rumors point towards an October release date for the game. A Peruvian gaming retailer known as LAWGAMERS has leaked promotional images that point towards this release window. This October release date would fit with the game’s horror theme. However, this new possible release window remains speculation until Sony blesses the gaming world with an official release date. For those of you who have yet to experience the series, The Last Of Us Remaster is out now for only $20.