The Last of Us Part II Might Not Feature Multiplayer


The original The Last of Us had several multiplayer modes where you could play competitively with, and against, your friends online. This feature was the main reason why people guaranteed the sequel, The Last of Us Part II, would have something similar, even though there’s been no word about it returning.

However, based on the writings on the Limited Edition Days of Play PS4, it looks like the latest title from Naughty Dog could not include a multiplayer mode at all. The decision to not have one might explain why there’s been no mention of it up to this point.

The leaked picture, shown above, was uploaded by PushSquare. The image clearly states on the right side that “…God of War and The Last of Us Part II do not support online multiplayer.” While we know for sure, God of War does not feature multiplayer in any aspect, the part about The Last of Us Part II not having it is somewhat surprising.

It could be lousy wording as God of War, again, doesn’t support multiplayer. Although The Last of Us Part II could still have it as the developers may introduce it later on. However, the leaked image could confirm the game will have the same multiplayer feature, much to the fear of many fans of the previous game.

It would be a surprising move from Naughty Dog no to include multiplayer given their history of doing so in their previous single-player titles, such as Uncharted. The choice to not include a multiplayer feature could be Naughty Dog wanting to get the game shipped during the PlayStation 4’s lifecycle.

We’ll report more as we receive official information. The Last of Us Part II is expected to release at some point in early 2020, as rumors claim it should be around in February.