60 Minutes of The Outer Worlds Gameplay

Are you eager for the arrival of The Outer Worlds, wacky, science-fiction RPG created by Obsidian Entertainment? Well, hopefully, this video of 60 minutes of gameplay from PCGamer sates your appetite.

The Outer Worlds: 60 minutes of gameplay

An hour of gameplay including combat, conversation, exploration, and a few side quests from The Outer Worlds. More here at PC Gamer: https://www.pcgamer.com/the-outer-worlds-gameplay-preview

No, you’re not going to see any significant story spoilers during this 60-minute video. But you’re going to see plenty of combat, conversations, side quests, and you’ll get an in-depth tour of the beautiful landscape you’re going to explore.

The conversations are going to work similarly to old-school RPG titles. Players are going to listen to an NPC’s dialogue, have a list of choices of how to respond, and whatever was said was silently spoken to the NPC who then responds. It gives players the opportunity to fill-in how their character would have reacted and even give them a unique voice.

There’s plenty of exciting combat, too. Players are going to see the hit values of their attacks during a battle, the name of the creature they’re fighting, and the experience points for each kill. Additionally, there are a series of abilities located on the lower left part of the screen. These are going to come in for players to strategically use during fights to lean the struggle closer to their side. Players also can slow down-time during gunplay, making it easier to land critical shots against an opponent or a wave of them.

We do not get to see anything about character creation in this video as PCGamer were given one by Obsidian Entertainment. We’re likely going to get a better look at these features closer to the game’s release, this October.

You can pre-order The Outer Worlds right now. The game releases on Oct. 25, 2019, for PlayStation 4, PC, and the Xbox One.