The Outer Worlds Science Weapons Look Awesome


Obsidian Entertainment takes science-fiction to a new level as they reveal the more unique guns players can wield in their upcoming title, The Outer Worlds, set to release later this year.

GameInformer sat down with Obsidian studios to learn more about these outrageous guns in an exclusive interview. The science weapons in the game were the developers looking to have the most fun possible, said co-director Tim Cain, as the guns were meant to have “inexplicable effects that we thought would be funny, and we didn’t care in any way if they were realistic.”

One of the weapons is a Shrink Ray. This weapon fires out a steady beam that when focused on an enemy, steadily collapses the space between atoms forcing the object to become smaller.

How did this ridiculous piece of hardware come about? Players can expect to run into “mega-fauna.” These gigantic creatures look precisely like the regular-sized versions found throughout the game. Because they’re much larger versions, players can convert them down to average size, or even smaller, to correctly dispatch them. The added effect comes with a gameplay mechanic, where the smaller an enemy is, the more susceptible they are to the damage they’d usually brush off.

The GameInformer interview delved further into how players could acquire these guns, as they’re not found by playing the campaign. Instead, Obsidian plans to use these weapons of scientific destruction as rewards for players exploring the world and completing side quests. The more you’re willing to go off the beaten path, the more likely you are to find them.

A player’s gun skill also does not play into how well these weapons function. Instead, the effectiveness of these weapons stems from a player’s science skill.

The Obsidian developers plan to have five science weapons at launch and were only willing to share about the shrink ray, for now. Expect more updates in the future as they share equally creative designs they’ve constructed for our amusement.