Surprising The Wolf Among Us 2 Return to Be Developed from Scratch


The development on The Wolf Among Us 2 has been “restarted” from scratch, as confirmed by LCG Entertainment, owner of the new Telltale Games.

The game was re-reveal at The Game Awards last week, after an initial announcement that happened little earlier than the original Telltale’s closure. The newest version of The Wolf Among Us 2, however, won’t retain anything built for that title.

“We have completely restarted the development of the game,” CEO Jamie Ottilie told USgamer. “We felt it best to give the new creative team a clean slate to start with.”

It is unknown at the time being whether the new team behind the game will be composed of a staff who worked on the original The Wolf Among Us, though.

Ottilie mentioned that LGC is “currently working with several other former Telltale [employees] on a freelance basis,” and that “we will be opening more full-time positions early next year and have other former TTG employees in mind for key roles on the project.” Still, no names have been shared thus far.

The episodic adventure game is based on Bill Willingham’s comic series Fables, while the original series wrapped up in 2014. It’s now free to redeem and download on Epic Games Store to celebrate the news of the return of the sequel.

The original Telltale Games closure was announced last year, but a new owner has acquired the brand and IP, that being LGC Entertainment; outside of The Wolf Among Us 2, a new intellectual property is expected to be explored next.