Third Wave Of Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC Is Available Now


The third wave for Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ DLC has finally been released. It comes with a free update that includes new features for all players.

Three Houses was released this last summer and received critical acclaim; the game was praised for its characters, school setting, and overall aesthetics. It is currently the best-selling title in the Fire Emblem franchise.

Even though the game has been out since July, it continues to get support through downloadable content and patches. The latest set of paid downloadable content, which is called DLC Wave 3, is now available for players.

This new DLC includes a new sauna area for the player to visit at the monetary, and the ability to interact with the many different cats and dogs wandering the area. New outfits for most of the playable students are also available. There’s also a new maid and butler battalions that players can recruit.

The DLC also includes the opportunity to recruit Anna. Anna is a recurring character in the Fire Emblem series; she comes from a long line of Annas that originates from the first Fire Emblem game. All Annas look the same and are almost always merchants.

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Wave 3 is part of the paid expansion pack, along with the other two waves. Gamers cannot purchase the waves separately; the only way to get any of the DLC waves is to buy the expansion pack, which usually is 24.99 USD on the Nintendo eShop.

A free update also came out along with the paid DLC. The new update is called Ver. 1.1.0, and adds in several new features. The update includes a new Appearance Options. This new option allows players to select the monastery outfits for the playable characters in battle. The number of save files has also increased from five to twenty-five.

The character Jeritza can also join your party now as part of the free update, but only in Black Eagle: Crimson Flower route.

To see everything that Ver. 1.1.0 and Wave 3 brought to Fire Emblem: Three Houses check it out on Nintendo’s Support website. A fourth DLC Wave is expected to release on Apr. 30, 2020.