This week in Red Dead Online: bounty hunters make big bucks

This week, bring in some extra cash by claiming bounties across the west.

Image via Rockstar

Another week has come around, and that means Rockstar has updated Red Dead Online with another suite of benefits for players. This week, most benefits in the game are going towards bounty hunters, who won’t be earning any extra XP, but will make it up in tons of extra cash. As always, this week’s offerings from Rockstar were revealed in a Newswire post, but we have them detailed down below.

Bonuses for bounties

Bounty hunters are getting extra this week regardless of what they do this week. Legendary and infamous bounty missions will be rewarding twice the usual cash, whether players bring in their targets alive or dead. Likewise, free roam missions are also paying out double the usual cash and XP. If you’re looking to get the posse together, you can also make some extra cash. Completing any free roam mission, free roam event, or bounty mission as a posse member will boost the XP you earn by 10%.

Rewards for experienced bounty hunters

If you’ve been in the game for a while, you’ll be getting some extra rewards for your generous services. Prestigious bounty hunters that have made it to rank 30 will receive an offer for 40% off a stable stall and two rewards for 2,000 XP this week. If you’re still a greenhorn without a prestigious license, complete any three legendary bounties, and you’ll get a coupon that lowers the cost of a license by five gold bars. If you haven’t even started your career as a bounty hunter yet, you can get it started at the low price of five gold bars for this week only.

Discounts and free offers

Naturally, there are also several discounts and free items to take advantage of and pick up this week. For the nastiest outlaws in the west, low honor will get you a black gathered bandana. Fees for using fast travel stations and setting up persistent posses are also being waived.

If you need to look your best, bounty hunting self, all bounty hunter cosmetics are 40% off this week. Of course, you need the tools if you’re going to look the part too. The reinforced lasso is currently discounted by 50%, and all pistols are 40% off. You can also pick up a haughty War Horse for cheap this week, at 30% off.