Torchlight 2 is Coming to Consoles on September 3


For those who have been waiting to jump into a new dungeon-crawler, Torchlight 2 is coming to consoles later this year on September 3. Before this release window, the game was exclusively available as a PC release.

Players are going to have the chance to play it on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Initially, Runic Games developed the game when the game launched in 2012. However, Runic Games has since gone under, and the title needed a new company to handle the port. As such, the console ports are going to get taken care of by Panic Button.

With the game making its way to consoles, the team at Panic Button had to find a way to make the title feel more comfortable on a new system. To make it easier, they built a brand new targeting system with a controller friendly UI. Not only is Panic Button introducing a brand new layout, but they’re going to bring an array of new pets for players to use in the game to change up the experience.

Players can pick to play as the Engineer, Outlander, Berserker, or as the Embermage to traverse the deadly dungeons in the world of Vilderan. The four classes each have varied playstyles, making them a standout individual in a team environment. The labyrinths in the game are all randomly generated, making every playthrough feel a little different than the last run.

Players who purchase Torchlight 2 for the Nintendo Switch are going to have the chance to play the game with up to four players on a local wireless connection. There’s plenty to get excited about while we wait for a new Diablo-like game to release, or when we hear more about the progress of Diablo 4 from Blizzard.

Torchlight 2 releases for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One later this year on September 3 for $19.99.