The Most Important Game Ever, Untitled Goose Game, Gets Delayed


Alas, we have to wait a little bit longer to fulfill long held desire to play as a goose in a video game.

Last year, Australian developers House House unveiled their upcoming game. The game is currently under the name of Untitled Goose Game, and it is all about you being a goose and messing with people. You steal people’s hats and chase people around, which is an entirely perfect day and life of a goose.

The Untitled Goose Game was expected to be released early this year, but as revealed on the House House Twitter account, the game was delayed for later this year.

A bit of news: due to circumstances beyond our control — see video — our goose game will not be arriving until later in 2019. This means we’ll be able to make the best goose game possible! Thanks for your patience — we’ll get this goose to you as soon as we can.

— House House (@house_house_) February 20, 2019

While this delay has hurt us all, animal lovers and geese aficionados were probably hit the hardest. Now those groups of gamers have to rely on Star Goose to get their goose-playing fix, and that is hard to come by game.

With no Untitled Goose Game, I guess we are stuck with games like Kingdom Hearts III and Resident Evil 2 to keep us occupied in the early parts of 2019. What a sad world we live in.