Valheim has sold over 10 million copies


Indie hit Valheim surpasses two million sales, closing in on 400,000 concurrent users

Image via Steam

Valheim has sold over 10 million copies worldwide since its February 2021 launch. The Viking survival/sandbox game from Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio, which originally was developed by just a five-person team, has been a smashing success story for both developer and publisher.

Revealed on the game’s official Twitter account (with a nifty celebratory screenshot that you can see below), Valheim has sold over 10 million copies. It’s unclear what the exact sales number is, but it is clear that Valheim has been nothing but a success. It’s safe to say that the development team can’t quite believe the game’s success, claiming that it “could never in [its] wildest dreams have imagined this!”

With continued support from the development team with new updates, Valheim could look to continue its success for the foreseeable future. While it took the game a while to break the 10 million sales milestone after selling a staggering 6 million copies in just six weeks after launch, the continued growth can only be a good thing for the development team and publisher.

If you’re new to Valheim and one of the more recent 10 million-strong player count, you might be looking to learn how to craft the iron cooking station, how to tame a boar, or how to craft a crystal battleaxe.