Warframe’s Space Mom Stepped in to Save… Cayde-6?


One of the best things about Warframe is the Clan Dojo. These sprawling bases can house labs, gardens, trading stations, and everything else a space ninja needs to succeed in life.

They can also be home to some awe-inspiring creations. The Clan Dojo can be decorated with all kinds of different objects, and different players have found ways to arrange them and create incredible sculptures in the game.

(As a heads up, if you have never played Destiny 2, there are some story spoilers ahead.)

Cayde-6. I’m rearranging my dojo and this unfinished Cayde project is in one of the far reaching rooms and will be demolished soon ;-; from r/Warframe

One player, Redditor valtristk, decided to pay tribute to one of Destiny 2’s fallen heroes, Cayde-6. They painstakingly arranged different objects that you can create in the Dojo to make a fantastic looking bust of the quick-witted Hunter. While the project is unfinished, it already looks terrific.

Unfortunately, these projects take up space and potential inventory room for other things that you might want in your Dojo. Valtriskt posted the image on Reddit for us to see, saying he would need to demolish the project soon.

That is when Rebecca Ford, Live Operations and Community Director, stepped in. Affectionately known as “Space Mom” within the community due to her voice work as the Lotus in the game, she offered a potential solution in a reply. “He may not have to be destroyed,” she said. “Give me your clan name, and we will copy the Dojo to Test to preserve this masterpiece forever.”

So, while Bungie couldn’t save Cayde-6 from his fate, it looks like Digital Extremes might be able to stop him from perishing a second time.