WWE 2K20 Doesn’t Actually Work In 2020

WWE 2K20 Bug Stopping 2020

Shortly after we deemed the game the worst of 2019, WWE 2K20 appears to be struggling with a new opponent — the year 2020 itself.

Several reports from users on social media note that a Y2K-style bug has rendered the troubled wrestling game almost completely unplayable. Any attempt to get any of the game’s modes results in a hard crash, forcing users to start all over again.

According to several players on Reddit, the game stopped working a few moments after their game clocks turned over to 2020. The video below demonstrates what some of them are going through. There is language in the video.

2K Games is aware of the issue, noting the issue in a recent tweet from their Twitter account.

In the meantime, for players that don’t want to wait to get back into the ring, there is a temporary fix involving changing your system’s internal clock. Mike, aka “TheShiningDown,” advised impatient players to “change your system date 1 day back.” That may be more trouble than it’s worth, however.

There’s no word yet on when 2K Games will have a fix in place, but hopefully, it’s soon. WWE 2K20 has already seen its fair share of problems since its release, including horrifyingly bad glitches, complicated controls, and lackluster DLC. With this latest problem, it may have a tough time getting back up to speed.