Xbox Game Studios Rumored To Be Announcing New Studio Acquisition At Gamescom

We’ve witnessed a lot of studio acquisitions at Microsoft over the last couple of years. The foundation of Xbox Game Studios serves as a worldwide network to keep them all connected and working together. It seems like Microsoft’s acquisition spree won’t end anytime soon.

While Microsoft promises to keep its eyes open when it comes to expanding that network further, it looks like we might find out more during this year’s Gamescom. Twitter user Klobrille has spread the news of a possible acquisition. Klobrille has previously shown to have good knowledge of Xbox details despite some information turning out to be false. As such, take this information a pinch of salt and keep a keen eye on the reports.

With that said, Klobrille shared that he has “good reasons to believe that there will be at the very least one more studio addition to XGS in 2019.” These details make a great deal of sense, given that Gamescom is right around the corner and about to happen.

While it’s an extremely generic statement, typical of those who don’t have anything concrete in their hands, this is undoubtedly interesting. We do know that representatives of Microsoft are going to be at the Opening Night Live with Geoff Keighley to hold an Inside Xbox broadcast on Monday, Aug. 19. The representatives could make the reveal there, showcasing the new studio during the announcement.

So, again, Microsoft has an excellent opportunity to reveal a new European studio acquisition for Xbox Game Studios. Later this year is going to be X019 in London and maybe even Tokyo Game Show. Phil Spencer has previously hinted he wants to add a Japanese outlet to the group.

The event is happening in Koln, Germany, on Aug. 20-24, with Microsoft attending two appointments. Anyone of these appointments could serve as an ideal time for them to make the announcement.