Xbox Giving Away a Bluey-Themed Console, For Real Life

For ream life, Bluey fans can win an xbox console and controller based on the cartoon pup for zero dollar bucks

Bluey Xbox

Image via Xbox and ABC Kids

The adorable cartoon dog Bluey has taken the world by storm, and she recently made her debut in the world of video games with today’s release of Bluey: The Video Game. To celebrate, Xbox has created a custom Bluey-themed console and controller, which they’re giving away in a special sweepstakes.

The Bluey Xbox and controller feature artwork inspired by the game, and many users on X (formerly Twitter) would like to know how many dollar bucks we have to throw at Microsoft to make these a widescale offer. This cartoon pup is so popular even gamers who don’t have kids (it’s me; I’m the gamer) are interested in winning this Bluey bundle.

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Xbox Sweepstakes Features Exclusive Bluey Console and Controller

Xbox announced the #BlueyXboxSweepstakes on X (formerly Twitter), and it became a trending topic pretty much immediately because, of course, it did:

The console itself is frankly a bit on the awkward-looking side, as many commenters have pointed out, but fans want to get their paws on that adorable controller featuring Bluey and her sister, Bingo, flossing their hearts out.

As of now, these items seem to be exclusive to the sweepstakes, meaning you either win them or you have to learn the hard lesson of coping with disappointment. Many commenters assure Xbox they would pay many dollar bucks for this, perhaps in an effort to encourage the company to release these cartoon controllers on a wider scale.

If the number of people saying that they (or their children, given that Bluey is technically a show for the young ones) would love to win this Bluey set, the competition is likely to be fierce for this giveaway. Thankfully, we’ve all learned the lesson of being kind from the adorable Blue Heeler and her family, so we’ll learn to be happy for whoever lands this awesome item, even if it isn’t us.