Microsoft Soon To Offer New Career System For Xbox


Microsoft is working on new Career System for Xbox that will have different levels and Avatar loot creates. Last year on YouTube on the official account of Xbox, a video was teased that shows up limitless possibilities for gamers to create unique avatars to express them. This new avatar system will let players to endless customize their digital version by modifying the body type, skin tones, emotions, outfits, props, etc.

Microsoft Career System

The new “Career” system is in the early phase that will offer players to obtain levels. There are also ranks, rewards, and cosmetic items for the new Avatar system. To progress in the Career system players will require playing a quest and completing objectives. This will be tied up with certain games. Creates and experience points will be rewarded to players on completing the task.

There will be a new sub-domain which is not yet available to the public. This will be a new portal for users to checkout their details. Through this medium players can track down the progress and play time also. It will work along with Gamerscore system. This new Career system will surely help many players to track down their progress and levels on the leader boards.

Microsoft will definitely plan to integrate the Career System with all upcoming and available games. But yet there is not much info out for the same. Talking about the domain, it is an easier way for players to learn and share their achievements. This will be a big change for Xbox Live.