Xbox To Have More Exclusive Deals From External Devs After Dontnod’s Tell Me Why


During an interview with Windows Central, Matt Booty, the leader at Xbox Game Studios, has hinted at more exclusivity deals with external developers being on the way for Xbox One and Windows 10.

It’s a path Microsoft has started once again to follow at X019’s Inside Xbox, where Dontnod’s Tell Me Why has been announced, a surprise to many, as it allows XGS to work with talented teams exclusively for its platform but without forcing them to acquisition.

“That is one of the reasons that we have a publishing team,” Booty said. “So that it lets us work with developers who wish to remain independent, but we can still bring that content exclusive to Xbox. ‘Tell Me Why‘ by Dontnod is a great example of that. That is a first-party game. It was a game that’s being done under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella. It’s just that we’re working with Dontnod to develop it, but it will be exclusive to Xbox, it is an Xbox Game Studios game.”

“If you’ve got bigger developers, particularly in other countries outside the U.S. and outside the UK, where even acquisition might not even be a possibility, but we want to work with them, that’s where publishing is a great tool for us,” he added.

Interestingly, the executive told Windows Central that “we have got multiple unannounced projects that we haven’t even talked about yet going on, particularly with our publishing team,” and that “you’re going to see more news before the end of the year with some stuff we haven’t talked about.”

Of course, one of the appointments on our calendar from now to the end of the year is The Game Awards 2019. Microsoft is already going to have a great presence at the event, with Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Gears Tactics world premieres, but it looks like there could be even something more than just that.