Xbox One Sales Achieve +15% Year-On-Year, Microsoft Reveals


In a post apparently focused on the E3 2018 ahead, Microsoft has revealed some important information about the status of Xbox One’s sales, giving us more details perhaps for the first time in years.

Since the ‘console war’ this generation has been lost to PlayStation 4, the Redmond platform owner has been pretty secretive about the sales of its box, but now that things are getting better it’s probably more willing to share some particulars.

Xbox One Year On Year Sales

In the post published on Xbox Wire, so, Microsoft has revealed that Xbox One is has achieved during the last fiscal year a +15% year-on-year sales. It’s a great result if you consider we’re getting closer and closer to the end of the generation.

There are a few reasons for this result, though. Primarily, the American tech giant has just released a new console, the Xbox One X, that was supposed to drive sales and at least apparently has managed to serve that purpose.

On top of that, we might also consider that the Holiday season has allowed Microsoft to be more aggressive on Xbox One S’ pricing and to offer more competitive bundles, together with a tech investment on X Enhancements and backward compatibility.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more at E3 2018 and, most importantly, in that occasion, we’ll see how Microsoft’s willing to keep the momentum for this year and the generation to come.