Xbox Scarlett Rumored For 2020, With Zen 2 And 4K/60FPS

 Xbox Scarlett Rumored For 2020, With Zen 2 And 4K/60FPS

A brand new rumor’s been spreading lately about Xbox Scarlett, which is more like a confirm of information we’ve had in the recent past.

The rumor comes from Brad Sams of Thurrott, so a quite reliable sources when it comes to Microsoft things and most importantly the one who shared the original Scarlett rumor.

According to Sams, the console is coming 2020, which means we’ll have at least another full year of Xbox One and then the reveal. It’ll be backwards compatible.

Xbox Scarlett Rumored For 2020, With Zen 2 And 4K/60FPS

The platform is said to be featuring a Zen 2 CPU and AMD’s next-gen GPU technology, so it’ll be top notch and pioneristic when it comes to power and pure hardware

Thurrott’s editor claims that, thanks to this power, “4K 60fps is on the agenda,” which means it’ll represent not only a stabilization of the 4K milestone which has already been set on Xbox One X but also a raising of the bar for what concerns frame rate.

Next-gen will be coming with several different approaches, though, and this is something we’ve already heard in the past from the same source.

The platform is said to be shaping in the form of a cheap cloud box coming together with a traditional hardware, and xCloud will be very relevant in adding more players to the single games, too, as it’ll be on many devices other than Xbox.

Check the full video analysis on the topic below.

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