Xbox Scarlett Rumored To Be More Powerful Than PS5


PS5 specs have been just revealed, and we’ve learned the first details on the hardware that gives us the idea of a mighty console, but it could be not the most powerful next-gen platform out there.

That’s because, according to the latest rumors, Xbox Scarlett could aiming to be the most powerful out there and even out-specs Sony’s console.

Journalist Ainsley Bowden has indeed shared a tweet where he mentions that he’s received info from well-known insiders about that.

“The PS5 hardware details (so far) were exactly what we were hoping for; even beyond what many were expecting,” he said at first.

Then, he added that “multiple insiders have now confirmed it’s true Xbox “Anaconda” will be more advanced as rumored.”

‘Anaconda’ is the rumored codename for the most powerful Xbox Scarlett console to release next year, as the family of platforms will be reportedly featuring two of them — with one being the cheapest option to enter the world of next-generation gaming.

Bowden said he heard the information “from known sources for MS/Xbox info that are very reliable,” so he looks somewhat confident in what he says.

On top of that, it is worth noting that another insider, Klobrille, has revealed on ResetEra that Microsoft intends to drop the most powerful among the next generation consoles out there.

Just to mention his words, he said that Xbox Scarlett would be “clearly better performing device” in the generation that should be kicking off in 2020.

Scarlett’s first reveal is expected to drop at E3 2019 in June, even though it should be just a teaser to give us a taste at what’s next from Xbox.