Xbox Series X runs up to 12 games at once with Quick Resume

But the numbers will depend on certain conditions.

Xbox Series X can run up to 12 games at once with the Quick Resume features, it has been confirmed in the first round of hands-on previews.

With Microsoft not providing a specific number of games that could be handled by Xbox Series X simultaneously, it’s interesting to take note of the data gathered by press members ahead of the console’s release on November 10.

It’s worth noting that the number of games is not set but will depend on certain conditions, such as the titles played and their original platforms.

CNET says Xbox Series X works fine with four games, The Verge played five of them, while GameSpot said six is the figure. 

However, Ars Technica tells it managed to run twelve games at once, even though that count only involved original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles, lightest in the Xbox Series X’s catalog, which counts four generations of video games on the same platform. On top of that, those were limited to the 1080p resolution.

Quick Resume will allow players to have their games suspended in the background and then return to them on the fly in a few seconds, introducing a proper multitasking functionality for games after this generation’s console did it only between apps of different types.

Interestingly, it has been engineered so that, when it notes that the load is too heavy for the platform, it simply removes the first game from the queue, forcing players to re-open it from the beginning and losing their progress.

With the feature being based on the number of resources available and not setting a cap on the number of games available in the background, it’s highly likely that Xbox Series S will support many fewer titles than that, as it features half the memory than Xbox Series X.