XDefiant’s Aim Assistance is Hindering PS5 Players While Others Find a Shooter They Love

While some players battle with servers, others battle with their controllers.


Screenshot via Ubisoft

The closed beta for Ubisoft’s franchise crossover shooter XDefiant kicked off yesterday to server woes, which most players expected, and issues preventing PS5 players from engaging with the title. However, those who have been able to play have found a shooter they’re excited to see more of, thanks to the breadth of content, solid shooting, and variety of game modes.

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XDefiant brings together factions from across Ubisoft’s franchises and pits them against one another in all-out warfare. The closed beta launched yesterday and still seems to be experiencing some teething problems as players struggle to log in and play. However, most who do get in find that the core mechanics are solid and have been expressing their excitement for the final release on social media. However, the one glaring issue yet to be solved is PS5 aim assistance.

XDefiant PS5 Aim assist is broken

On PS5, XDefiants aim assistance seems to be either entirely broken or only half-working. When players aim at enemies, the game should snap to their bodies so they can get a few shots in. What’s actually happening is that the aim is snapping to the side of enemies. When players on PS5 then try to move the crosshair over the enemy, they say it feels like they’re fighting the aim assistance. By the time the crosshair is over the enemy, too many shots have been fired, and the player is dead. Ubisoft has yet to address this issue.

However, outside of the server and PS5 aim assist woes, XDefiants resonates with many players in the closed beta. Some cite the shooting as why they like it, while others are blown away by just how much content is already in the game and will be at launch. With 4 factions, 5 game modes, 24 weapons with 44 attachments, 14 maps, and 16 abilities to master, most would expect this to be a premium release, not a free-to-play title.

Ubisoft plans to support XDefiant with more of the content that’s already in the game in the closed beta. Each season will bring a Battle Pass and new cosmetics, more factions, weapons, maps, and characters to master. Considering how many universes the company has to utilize for new and interesting factions, there’s almost no limit to where it can go, providing players stick around.