Playtonic Games teases a potential Yooka Laylee 2 reveal


The developers of 2017’s 90’s style adventure throwback Yooka-Laylee have teased a reveal of their new game, on their official Twitter page, thought to be a sequel to the first game.

Playtonic Games, a group in the UK made up of mostly developers from Rare and includes talent from many Indie developers, have put up a short video that contains several Tweets from fans who loved their previous game and are looking to what the company has next.

The first game was one of the highest funded games via crowdfunding website Kickstarter at the time, smashing their £125,000 goal to close to £2.1 million (est. $2.67m) in June 2015. The game launched two years later using the Unity engine, and received a warm reception from the press and fans, though it did receive some criticism for sticking too much to the classic formula.

It appears as though no Kickstarter will be needed this time, but it’s not clear whether it’s a direct sequel or something new, perhaps bee-related with the words in their title. The first Yooka-Layee can be purchased on all current platforms, and tomorrow should be the first opportunity that we will see of the new game in the run-up to E3.

Whether the new title will be at E3 for fans to play or see further is also unclear, but we hope this will also be cleared up tomorrow.