Yoshi’s Crafted World Demo Available Now


An update for Yoshi’s Crafted World got announced during today’s Nintendo Direct stream. The stream did not offer too many new details, but it did come with an important announcement.

For those eager to learn more, you can try the upcoming title out for yourself. Once the Nintendo Direct stream wraps up, a demo for the game will release on the Switch. Hop on over to the Nintendo Switch store to download it and try it out.

This side-scrolling adventure stars Yoshi, surrounded by a world made of everyday objects, such as boxes and paper cups. As you play through the adventure, you’ll find yourself a variety of treasure hunts seeking out the numerous collectibles found throughout the world. After you’ve completed a world once, you can replay it and try it backward, unlocking new things along the way.

You can play Yoshi’s Crafted World with a friend and have an additional Yoshi character in your party to help you solve the different puzzles.

Yoshi’s Crafted World launches on Mar. 29.

Expect more details soon.