Zacian caught moonwalking by one user in Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Camp feature

Zacian on a white background

Zacian is one smooth criminal with his sleek moonwalk caught by a Twitter user in the Pokémon Camp.

Pokémon Sword and Shield’s latest gimmick let’s player set up camp with their Pokémon. At almost any point in the game, players can stop, put up their tent, and take a break with their team. If a player isn’t interacting directly with a Pokémon, it can be seen in the background doing its own thing: playing with other Pokémon, exploring the area, occasionally fighting other Pokémon, and moonwalking?

First reported by Nintendo Life, one Twitter user found their Zacian exercising its unusual dance moves during one camping session.

Another responder kindly added the music to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” to the scene to hit the meme mark.

Pokémon Sword and Shield were under fire for some of their less than stellar animations. One showed the legendary Pokémon turning around using the walk cycle, which gives it a bit of a moonwalk effect. This may fall into that category, as funny as it is what’s actually happening because of the Corviknight shown in the video. Both Pokémon are walking in opposite directions, but are along the same pathway. For some reason, the game determined that Corviknight will take priority. Corviknight continues its path while preventing Zacian from walking. The animation for Zacian doesn’t stop, however, and the result is the moonwalk effect as it slides back across the screen.

In short, Corviknight is pushing Zacian. The big bully.

Even if it is a bug, it’s a funny one. Zacian may be subject to Corviknight’s whim’s, but it’s going to do it in style.