Choppy Orc: How To Beat Level 15

Conquer Choppy Orc!

Cool Math Games is the solution for someone bored at their computer. Whether that be school or work, you may have come across Choppy Orc, one of the more popular games among all the ones you can choose from within a browser alone. Choppy Orc is a simple but satisfying online gaming experience, one of the many you can choose from to alleviate some boredom. The goal of Choppy Orc is to open chests, without having any difficulty with the ghosts nearby.

Starting the level

Image by eddynardo

To get past this level in Choppy Orc, you must get to know the level first. It appears there are two ways to the chest: first from making a simple clear jump over the pit, and the other is to go all the way around it first. To traverse the first path, jump down and throw your ake at the skill, boomerang-ing the axe right back to yourself. Once you do that, you’ll practically be halfway done. However, the ghosts will re-materialize and you’ll be effectively trapped between the two.

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Setting up navigation

To progress forward, you’ll first have to destroy the bat first. This’ll take care of one ghost for you, opening the pathway forward. Start by moving from the starting point to the next platform ahead. Then comes the hard part: turn towards the skull, jump down the pit, and once you reach halfway through, jump against the wall. Jumping away from it should land you on the column.

Killing the bat

Image by eddynardo

Once you’ve gotten this far, next is the hardest part: killing the bat with your axe. To do this, you’ll need to jump onto the bat while simultaneously bringing the axe towards you. This should result in it going over the bat and killing it. As soon as the bat is dead, throw the axe at the skull to disable the ghosts. Once you do this, you should fall into a path with zero ghosts, leaving you and the treasure alone together with nothing separating you both.