Audio-Technica AT2020USB-XP Review – Crystal Clear Sound & Recording

The AT2020USB-XP Microphone from Audio-Technica combines usability with power, ensuring you will be hear no matter what the task.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB-XP Mic

Image via Audio-Technica

Microphones are an increasingly important part of office setups. From the work-from-home manager holding meetings to the professional podcasters and content creators, the need to be heard in a digital space is a key element of daily workloads. Because of this, excellent Microphones like the Audio-Technica AT2020USB-XP are a valuable investment to make.

While I am not recording myself playing too many video games these days, the ability to get good audio for meetings, interviews, and recording material for my team is more important than ever, and I can firmly say that the AT2020USB-XP was a fast, easy way to make a huge improvement in my day-to-day routines.

Key Details

  • Style: Fixed-Charge Back Plate/ Permanently Polarized Condenser
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Connection Type: USB-C
  • Wireless: No
  • Price: $169 on the Audio-Technica website.

Audio-Technica Makes Setup Simple

Audio Technica Microphone Review
Image via Audio-Technica

Setting up accessories like keyboards and microphones can be a daunting task. RGB settings can be complicated, mapping mouse buttons can be cumbersome, and getting the adjustments on a mic can be frustrating. Thankfully, Audio-Technica doesn’t struggle with these issues – and the AT2020USB-XP is no exception.

To use the microphone, it simply needs to be unboxed, plugged into the desired PC or laptop, and then powered on. From there, users can simply adjust their microphone input on their PC or application settings and get moving. The ease of use for the AT2020USB-XP was a delight for me, as I often have to unplug and hide accessories like these from my two-year-old while not at my desk.

Additionally, the interface of the microphone is fantastic. A large power button can be used to start the mic up and mute, with the indicator light inside the body turning blue for “on” and red for “off”. This makes it easy to know when the mic is picking up sound. Additionally, the mic’s volume and mix control can be toggled via dials on the front of the device.

Clear Recording On Your Desk

The AT2020USB-XP also comes with basic desk-stand accessories that allow you to set the microphone up at an optimal angle close to your workspace. The direction and angle can be controlled by two tightening knobs, making tweaks to the cordial sound pattern field easy.

However, the mic sits quite low on my desk using the provided stand, and I found myself wishing for a way to raise it. I ended up using an item on my desk to raise the height of the mic for optimal distance for recording, improving the sound pickup dramatically. Because of this, it might be good for streamers or podcasters to invest in a mount to ensure that the mic is at the correct height and distance for performances.

The AT2020USB-XP Provides Crisp Sound And Mellow Warmth

Audio-Technica AT2020USB-XP Mic Sound
Image via Gamepur

For those looking for high-quality recordings with minimal background interference, the AT2020USB-XP is a fantastic choice. In daily use during meetings, my voice picks up clear and crisp over both Zoom and Google Meet calls. Additionally, when using the microphone in interviews, it ensures that my vocals are clean and professional while taking out background noise from outside my office.

The most satisfying thing when playing back recordings taken with the Audio-Technica mic is how warm everything sounds. The rich tones in voices are brought to life, making the mic the perfect option for podcasters. There are no sharp or echoing effects – just clear, high-fidelity audio that is a pleasure to listen to.


The Audio-Technica AT2020USB-XP microphone lives up to the brand’s reputation, providing a high-quality sound that is fantastic for daily or performance use. While the price tag of the microphone may put some users off, the inclusion of the base stand, as well as the overall ease of use, make it more than worth spending the money on.

I can easily say I would purchase the mount for this microphone, as it is a joy to use on any occasion I can pull it out. It is the perfect blend of convenience and quality, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Final Score:

9 / 10

+ Sleek, clean design and soft internal light
+ East setup and convenient use
+ Comes with basic stand for immediate desk function
Definitely needs a mount to be held at the right angle and length
Could be a bit expensive for some new podcasters or streamers