Immortal Life Review – A Cram-Packed Delight Putting A Spin On Slice-Of-Life

Immortal Life is the sleeper hit every farming sim enthusiast needs. From plentiful content to a brilliant story, it is a must have.

Immortal Life Review Cover

Image via YiFang Studio

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When it comes to simulation games, they can blend together after trying a few titles. The process of farming, dating, adventuring, and raising animals is simultaneously comforting and repetitive. For those starting to balk under the weight of Ground Hog Day playthroughs, Immortal Life is a fresh take on the genre, reminding players why this type of game is such a delight to sink into.

Immortal Life is so packed with content that players will never feel at a loss for something to do. The story, rich in Chinese lore and imagery, takes players far away from the “Wild West” setting that has become the staple of so many farming titles. Add in a sprinkle of magic, a dash of mystery, and some very cute locals, and simulation fans will find no shortage of exciting elements to engage in.

Key Details

  • Developer: YiFang Studio
  • Publisher: 2P Games
  • Platforms: PC via Steam
  • Price: $16.99 USD (Early Access)
  • Release Date: January 18th, 2024

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Unraveling a Mystery While Farming Crops

Immortal Life Main Character Screen
Screenshot via Gamepur

The plot of Immortal Life wastes no time taking off. After arriving at Guiyun Sect, where the player joins the ranks of hopeful Spiritual Cultivators, a tragic incident levels the town, destroying the Sect and damaging the Misty Valley below.

With no other choice, the main character and a cast of other hopeful initiates band together to restore the Sect, working to rebuild the city in the process. To do this, the main character must learn to harness their spiritual powers and channel them into the tools used around the farm and town. This includes summoning rainclouds to water crops and flinging projectiles through the air to take down enemies in the caves surrounding the area.

Immortal Life‘s quick immersion into the plot is different from the plodding pace of games like Story of Season: A Wonderful Life and this urgency helps motivate players to engage in the surprising number of tasks readily available right from the start of the game. Because of this, it is easy to find a groove in the gameplay loop, encouraged by the intriguing storyline that is unraveled as new events are unlocked.

One of the Best Cooking Minigames Of All Time

Immortal Life Cooking Sim Description Page
Screenshot via Gamepur

Cooking is one of the most rewarding aspects of farming sims. The ability to take farmed and foraged goods and turn them into tasty snacks is far more rewarding than just throwing them into a merchant bin for profit. Immortal Life has taken this mechanic to new heights, including a full minigame that is addictive to play.

After unlocking access to the first kitchen in the game, which is located at the Inn, players can pop in to prepare a meal or offer their services in exchange for money. The minigame consists of multiple stations, where players must grab ingredients and follow recipes to cook delicious meals. Depending on the accuracy and speed, the meals are ranked, giving players a goal as they slice and boil their way through the kitchen.

As a farming sim enthusiast, I think this is one of the most enjoyable cooking minigames currently available to play. The combination of tasks and the complexity of the recipes makes the process a challenge and sparks the aggressively competitive part of my brain to keep practicing until I get top marks. I was also pleased to see that the recipes aren’t easy. One wrong step and the food being made turns to slop, with little time to start over. In casual games, the stakes can be almost too low on certain mechanics, and I was glad Immortal Life kicked my culinary skills into full gear.

Immortal Life Is A Folktale Come To Life

Immortal Life Waterfall Location
Screenshot via Gamepur

The early access reviews for Immortal Life say it all. This game is packed with content, is fantastic to play, and is beautiful to look at. With much of my farming simulation experience rooted in Western or Japanese settings, I was shocked at how much the Chinese inspiration brought the world of the game to life. Every location is richly colored, reminiscent of a watercolor painting. The clothing styles, character names, and social behaviors are different from anything I’ve played through before, and it made me appreciate the culture in new ways.

I especially appreciated the inclusivity of this game. As mentioned in the reviews on Steam, which are overwhelmingly positive for a game in Early Access, LGBTQA+ inclusion makes this game stand out. It also allows players to romance any character they like – and this will likely appeal to Danmei fans out there who have enjoyed adaptions like Heaven’s Official Blessing.

While I loved that I could rotate between working on quests, farming outside my home, and progressing the main storyline, walking through each map in Immortal Life and taking in the beautiful artwork and thoughtful location designs was a special experience.

A Lack Of Character Creation

One area that Immortal Life unfortunately lacks is character creation. While players can find or craft hairstyles and outfits, the default characters for the story don’t offer anything in the way of personal customization.

While this isn’t such an issue, as both the female and male options are very pretty, it will make replaying the game difficult, as the character will largely feel the same even sporting a different name. Additionally, a lack of different body types, or non-binary pronoun options, may be a struggle for those who have enjoyed diversity in Story of Seasons and My Time At Sandrock.

It would be amazing to see a character customization tool added in a post-launch update, offering players more ways to create immersive and relatable protagonists.

Movement in The Caves Is Not Organic

My biggest frustration with Immortal Life comes with combat. While moving around the Sect and the Misty Valley is smooth and ergonomic, this is not the case at all when it comes to exploring the caves around the map.

Once players enter a cave system, the game switches to top-down visuals, with the main character shrunk down into a sprite. Using the WASD keys, they must move around the caves, fight enemies, and mine the rock and gemstone nodes for ores and other important items.

Moving in these caves is awful. The character slips and slides as if they aren’t connected with the ground, and it can be hard to aim and hit enemies due to a lack of true positioning. This led me to mash the fire key to throw as many attacks as I could at things trying to attack me, rather than using any strategy.

Immortal Life would benefit greatly from an overhaul to the physics of combat in these cave systems. Even giving a proper walk cycle and some weight to the character so they don’t feel as slippery would make the process of spelunking more enjoyable.


Immortal Life is a wonderful, colorful, content-packed game that is a must-play for all farming sim enthusiasts. The unique elements of the game, and the sheer size of it, make the title one of a kind in a genre lacking variation.

With a few tweaks to some of the current mechanics and a bit more personalization, this title will easily challenge, if not surpass, the top favorites currently available to play.

I look forward to seeing what other additions Immortal Life receives after its 1.0 release and will be happily playing it for years to come. It is a welcome, permanent member of my farming sim favorites, and will never be uninstalled from my Steam Library.

Final Score:

8 / 10

+ More content than most farming sims
+ Beautiful setting with unique story
+ Story-rich in a way that drives gameplay
Needs more customization
– Combat can feel clunky and ungrounded

The Gamepur team received a PC code for the purpose of this review.