Best Wacom Tablet Deals For Holiday Gift Shopping 2023

Looking for the best digital tablets to give for the holidays? Here is a list of Wacom options perfect for any workflow.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 27 Holiday Gift Guide

Image via Wacom

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Whether you are a gamer looking for an additional touch screen, an artist bringing colorful illustrations to the world, or a just need a digital pad of paper to take notes, Wacom Tablets will have you covered. They are also the perfect holiday gift for a loved one.

As a life-long Wacom fan, I use my Wacom One for everything from graphic design at work to animation in my free time – sometimes I even prefer them to a mouse and keyboard. These fantastic, touch sensitive drawing tablets can be a bit of an investment, but this holiday season there are a handful of exciting deals, alongside some big releases, that make snatching one up worth it.

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Get Started With The Wacom Intuos Pro

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Drawing Tablet
Image via Wacom

As someone who got started drawing digitally on the Wacom Intuos, this medium-sized tablet is perfect for artists just dipping their toes into digital art. The tablet boasts 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a 10 inch active drawing area, offering an organic, accurate expirience when taking notes or sketching. While this tablet doesn’t have a built in screen, it is a solid investment for anyone looking to try tablets out at a more affordable price point.

  • Wacom Store – $299.95 (normally priced at $379.95)
  • Best Buy – $299.95 (normally priced at $379.95)
  • Amazon – $299.95 (normally priced at $379.95)

Take Notes And Tackle Graphic Design With Intuos Wireless

Wacom Intuos Wireless
Image via Wacom

While most tablets require at least a USB-C connected to a computer, the Intuos Wireless sets users free with a sleek, small design perfect for creators on the go. This is a particularly nice gift for college students, as the little tablet is just the right size to take notes during class. It is also a good option for very young artists looking to start exploring the world of digital art. To make them that much better, they come in black or Pistachio, and are very affordable. The Intuos Wireless is Chromebook compatible, offers 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity with it’s pen, and four express keys at the top for programmable comfort.

Wacom Store:

Best Buy:


Wacom MobileStudio Pro Is The Present For Professionals

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16
Image via Wacom

The Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 is the dream when it comes to portable drawing studios for professional artists. Sporting an i7 Intel processor, 16 GB of memory, a 516 GB SSD, and a stunning display panel, this is the gift to get for your graduating art student, pro artist family member, or anyone who uses a digital tablet as part of their daily workflow. Functioning as it’s own, standalone PC, you won’t need to worry about cables, a workstation, or any of the other hinderances of working at a desk. With the Wacom MobileStudio Pro, you are investing in artistic freedom.

  • Wacom Store – $2,499.95 ( Normally priced at $3,499.95)
  • Best Buy – Not available
  • Amazon – $2,499.95 ( Normally priced at $3,499.95)

The Wacom One Is The Jump To Screen Tablets

Wacome One Drawing Tablet
Image via Wacom

The Wacom One Pen Display is the jump from an Intuos screenless tablet to a full display. Reminiscent of the older Cintiq displays, this tablet offers all the premium joys of a pen display tablet at an affordable price. It is also one of the more customizable tablet options, with different connections, drawing styluses, and sizes available.

This is currently my primary drawing tablet, and I use it for graphic design, drawing, animating, video gaming, and note taking. I can’t recommend it enough for those wanting to try out a pen display. The tablet has a fantastic, smooth surface, and the 4,096 levels of pressure capture my brush strokes and handwriting wonderfully. It’s also a particularly fun way to play Stardew Valley, as the 13 inch screen has a fully functioning touch surface. This is my pick of the year for helpful daily technology.

Wacom Store:

Best Buy


Wacom Cintiq Pro Tablets Are The Dream Gift

Wacom Cintiq Pro Tablet
Image via Wacom

There are plenty of special gifts out there, but the Wacom Cintiq Pro is likely one of the best. Ranging in size from 17, 22, and 27 inches, this stunning pen display is on a different playing field from other tablets. The 4k resolution and easy-to-use buttons on the back of the unit provide streamlined, ergonomic workflow, while the Pro Pen 3 is customizable in weight and offers 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity. This is the best of the best for digital tablets, and it can double as a high-resolution dual monitor. This is the perfect gift to truly wow a loved one, and a tool that can completely alter daily workflow.

Wacom Store:

Best Buy: Unavailable

Amazon: Unavailable

Wacom products are some of the best out there, and after trying many different brands, I can promise Wacom is worth the investment and goes the distance. Each tablet I’ve owned has been a core part of my daily work, and anyone looking for the perfect digital tablet to give as a gift won’t be disappointed if they grab one from this list.