Razer Naga Trinity Review – Three’s Company

No matter the game you play, Razer’s Naga Trinity has the right kind of buttons for it. Check out our full review of this versatile clicker.

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Razer has been in the business of making quality gaming accessories for as long as I can remember. They crafted mice specifically designed for gamers back in the days when most mice were still beige and had a physical ball to detect movement across your desk. So it comes as no surprise that the Razer Naga Trinity is a finely tuned masterpiece of craftsmanship and filled with features for the versatile gamer.

Quality of the Highest Order

One of the first things you’ll notice upon laying your hands on a Razer Naga Trinity is the smooth and sturdy design. The entire body of the mouse is coated in a high-quality material that resists smudges and slips, no matter how sweaty your gaming sessions get. Of course, the Naga Trinity features a purely right-handed design, so if you’re a southpaw, you might as well start looking elsewhere right now.

Razer calls the Naga Trinity’s mouse wheel a gaming-grade wheel, and it is one of my favorite features in this device. Each spin of the wheel is precise and tactile, and I never experienced some of the stickiness or over-spin I’ve encountered in other mouse wheels. It’s genuinely the best mouse wheel I’ve ever used, and I never thought I’d ever uttered that statement.