RIG 600 Pro H6 Review – A Terrific Gaming Headset

The RIG 600 Pro line consist of fantastic gaming headsets with a few minor annoyances that hold them back.

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Most people use a single set of wireless headphones across multiple devices for various purposes. The RIG 600 Pro HS and HX models are designed to be quickly adjustable to different systems while still providing high-quality audio and an extra-long battery life for those needing headphones at any time. 

Gamepur reviewed the RIG 600 Pro HS, as the difference between the two is one of compatibility. Both headphones are compatible with multiple devices, but the RIG 600 Pro HS is intended for use with PS4 and PS5 and no Xbox systems, while the HX model doesn’t work with PlayStation consoles but is compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. 

Key Details –

  • Developer – Nacon
  • Accessory – Headphones
  • Bluetooth – Yes (Both built-in and via dongle)
  • Price – $99.90

RIG 600 Pro’s Form Factor

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The RIG 600 Pro has an unusual design compared to most premium headphones. For starters, it’s notably lighter than many wireless headphones, making it comfier for extended gaming sessions. Rather than using a conventional adjustable band, the RIG 600 has three holes on either ear side, where the headphones clip into place. This system is good for those who don’t adjust their headphones often, but those who do might get annoyed by the need to snap the pieces into place. 

The only truly frustrating aspect of the RIG 600 is the ear cups, which can be removed and replaced easily. It is a little too easy, in fact, as it’s easy to knock them off when assembling the headphones into the correct position. Reconnecting the earcups can be frustrating, and it would have been better if they weren’t removable. 

While many premium headphones have a detachable microphone, the Rig 600 Pro has its microphone built into the left ear, which can be pulled out via a switch. This is a great design choice, as you can switch between a mic and no mic with a thumb flick. 

RIG 600 Pro’s Sound Quality

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Ultimately, the most important aspect of any set of premium headphones is sound quality, and the RIG 600 Pro excels at this. The audio is crystal clear and extremely high quality, which can easily be adjusted using the buttons and volume wheel on the headset. 

One benefit of the RIG 600 Pro is its dongle, which allows it to be instantly connected to different devices. This can be used in conjunction with the Bluetooth mode, as it has a Dual Mode that lets you connect multiple devices at the same time, making it especially useful for using voice chat when playing games.

While the microphone clip-in design is fun, the quality isn’t as clear as it could be. The fact that it’s directly connected to the headset also means that it’s not replaceable, so owners are stuck with what they have.

RIG 600 Pro’s App

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The RIG 600 Pro has a dedicated app. This app tells you the current battery life and has multiple profile options, where you can set Microphone Gain and Monitoring, mess with the Equalizer, and set up the startup mode for the device. 

Unfortunately, this app is currently restricted to mobile devices and cannot be used on PCs, which is frustrating. Most fans are likely to own mobile phones that they’ll keep with them during gaming, so this isn’t a major impediment, but a dedicated app on PC would be helpful for people streaming their games. 

The Verdict

The RIG 600 Pro is an unusual headset in terms of its design, with some great choices along with some questionable ones. The audio quality is top-notch, however, and the headset’s low weight, Dual Mode compatibility, and app make it a must-buy for gamers who love to play across multiple devices. The microphone is the biggest issue, but it’s perfectly serviceable for gamers, though people streaming might want to invest in a separate audio device. 

Final Score:

8 / 10

+ Amazing audio quality
Cups are too easy to detach
+ Dongle & Bluetooth make it easy to connect to multiple devices at once.
The microphone isn’t as clear as it could be
+ Light weight makes it comfortable for long play sessions
The dedicated app is currently limited to mobile devices