ROCCAT Leadr Mouse Review – Wireless Perfected


The joke here at TL;DR Games during long hours of gaming, is when I am having any sort of issue, it was because I was running wireless (internet and mouse). While I’m not running wireless internet anymore, my mouse is wireless still and I can’t be made fun of for that.

Design Perfection

ROCCAT Leadr Mouse Review - Wireless Perfected ROCCAT Leadr Mouse Review - Wireless Perfected

Mouse hunting is never easy and for a lot of people, the way a mouse looks and feels is one of the most important features one looks for. The ROCCAT Leadr has a perfect design in every way with its only shortcoming being that it is only designed for right-handed gamers, leaving lefties out of the equation.

The ROCCAT Leadr comes in a sleek dark matte color and a plethora of buttons, 14 in all, to customize to your heart’s desire. You will notice right away the number of buttons it has on the top of the mouse. While this may overwhelm some, it’s nothing new to the gaming world.

ROCCAT Leadr fits like a glove for my medium size hand and the inward curve of the thumb grip is a nice touch as it provides a great level for comfortable gaming late into the night. I never felt the need to give my hand a break.

Swarming Specs

ROCCAT Leadr Mouse Review - Wireless Perfected ROCCAT Leadr Mouse Review - Wireless Perfected

Besides its highly customizable buttons, the ROCCAT Leadr features the 12,000 DPI Owl-Eye optical sensor, giving the ROCCAT Leadr a high accuracy and response time to your movements. The DPI can be adjusted using the ROCCAT Swarm program or by the top left two buttons.

Swarm is used to create profiles, adjust the DPI settings, set macros, and change the color of the lighting display that is on the ROCCAT Leadr. With 16.8 million colors to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that suits you.

Speaking of buttons, the ROCCAT Leadr has 14 buttons to meet your customization needs for any game you play. ROCCAT prides itself on the dorsal Fin Switch button on the top, X-Celorator thumb paddle, and the 2D Titan Wheel. You can customize up to five different profiles and have them execute when you launch your game. It may not be a lot to some, but for someone like me who plays only a select few of games at a time, it’s perfect.

Wonderfully Working Wireless

ROCCAT Leadr Mouse Review - Wireless Perfected ROCCAT Leadr Mouse Review - Wireless Perfected

The wireless feature for the ROCCAT Leadr is one of the best I’ve experienced with a wireless mouse. Usually, you can experience a lot of lag and latency with a wireless mouse, but with the ROCCAT Leadr, those are things of the past as you’ll experience zero lag and latency.

The biggest item that comes with the ROCCAT Leadr is the rechargeable docking station. While it may not be very appealing to the eye and takes up a little desk space, the rechargeable docking station is the same sleek dark matte color. You connect the charging station to your computer via a USB cable. In the bottom left-hand corner, it displays the battery life with four lights and each light will turn off as it gets closer for the mouse to be recharged. The rechargeable docking station may be a hindrance to those who don’t want another item sitting on top of their desk.

You’ll get up to 20 hours for each full charge and it only takes two hours to charge by docking it. If you don’t want to go full wireless, you can plug the USB into the ROCCAT Leadr and use it as a wired a mouse.

While I have a lot of praise for the ROCCAT Leadr, the one place it falls short is the RGB lighting. I found myself constantly having to adjust the color back to where I wanted it to be. Not only would the color change, but the lighting effect would change as well. Several times it would reset itself despite going into Swarm and changing it. That may not be a big deal to some, but I like devices to fully function no matter what.

Overall the ROCCAT Leadr is the best wireless mouse I have ever used and look forward to putting in many more gaming hours with it. With the sleek thumb grip design, high accuracy and response times, and long battery life, the ROCCAT Leadr can compete with the best of wireless peripherals out there.