Experience the Future of Sci-Fi Strategy Gaming: Space Gears Announces Closed Beta Playtest and Participation in Steam Next Fest

Pentapeak Studios has announced that Space Gears will hold a global playtest for Steam Next Fest.

Image via Pentapeak Studios

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Pentapeak Studios, an integral division of 2bytes Corp., is set to launch its highly anticipated title, Space Gears. This advanced sci-fi strategy game, the announcement of which was made on May 18, 2023, is anticipated to redefine gaming norms.

The stage for Space Gears is set in the 22nd century where players are plunged into the challenging role of explorers and leaders with the formidable task of terraforming Mars. They navigate the intricate intricacies of harvesting Martian resources, conducting scientific research, and crafting powerful mechs, all while contending with their competitors. By incorporating MOBA elements into the game, Space Gears provides an evolving battlefield that captivates players with its gripping narrative and immersive gameplay.

Space Gears champions epic, high-intensity conflicts that hark back to the grand showdowns seen in classic strategy games. A distinct feature of the game is its elaborate roster of mechs, each crafted meticulously by a global consortium of artists. Beyond these vibrant battles, players are invited to embark on terraforming missions, construct bases on Mars, and engage in real-time combat, making for a layered and fulfilling gaming experience.

Space Gears has been developed using the Unity 2022 (HDRP) engine, a choice that ensures stunning graphical representations of Martian landscapes, bases, and mechs. Though the game caters to fans of strategy, battle, and sci-fi genres, it also marks the creation of a new IP. As part of its marketing strategy, 2bytes Corp. is utilizing global playtest and Steam Next Fest to increase visibility for Space Gears and encourage players to Wishlist and try the game during these events.

The launch of Space Gears signifies Pentapeak Studios’ commitment to challenging and complex genres in the gaming industry. This approach represents a rarity in the contemporary Korean gaming market. Space Gears will be available for a global playtest from June 2 to June 5, 2023, participate in Steam Next Fest in June, and is slated to offer Early Access on Steam in the third quarter of 2023.

For more information about Space Gears and its upcoming events, check Space Gears on the official website, Steam, YouTube, Twitter, and Discord.

2bytes Corporation

2bytes is a forward-looking global game services startup, established by seasoned professionals with a proven history of launching hit PC and mobile games on an international scale. They’ve become a dependable associate for game developers and publishers, extending a spectrum of services that include localization, QA, game operations, community management, and voiceovers.

Understanding Pentapeak Studios

Pentapeak Studios, birthed by 2bytes, was formed with the aim of creating novel in-house titles. The studio is staffed by industry veterans from esteemed South Korean game developers, including Nexon, NCsoft, and WeMade. At present, the studio is developing two titles: Stellar Tales, a match-3 puzzle game with a meta narrative, and Space Gears.