13 Best Video Games of 2017 And Why

2017 was a great year for video games (third-party games outperformed Platform exclusive games). Here’s our list of 13 Best Games of 2017 and what made they standout.

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The year 2017 had given was good enough for Video Games, we had seen some big titles flopping and some indie games making their way on the top charts. In this article, we bring you the best video games of 2017. The games are included on the basis of their overall features including their success in the market. There were some really big titles missing out from the list just because their reputation was almost killed by controversies. You can read our article on Worst Games of 2017 to find those big titles if you are searching them in here.

What Are The Best Games Of 2017?

In case we miss out something to share the same in the comments below, our suggestions in this articles are based on the game success. We are not considering those titles which were big but due to micro-transactions controversy they failed to perform. Below is the list of best game sorted on the basis of the platform first and then their release date.

Best Video Games Of the Year 2017 & Why

Nintendo Switch: There are three best games for the year 2017, all these 3 games are unique and have fresh content with hours and hours of entertainment.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Release Date – 28 April 2017

Mario returned this year in a form of a racer, in Mario Kart 8 you get amazing DLC tracks, new characters, and a full battle mode. This game was first released on Wii U and now ported on Nintendo Switch. There are ample of great tracks to try out, a competitive mode to keep you engaged all the time. The game also supports multiplayer mode, where you can compete with your friends and families. So if you have a Switch this game must be on your list.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Release Date – 3 March 2017

Breath of Wild is a stunning open-world game with an inspiring story line. It is one of the most loved series where you will play as Link the protagonist. It is a wonderful adventure game where you will be fighting with the evil power. The game is pretty neat, everything is easy to understand and interesting. Simple doesn’t mean it is not challenging, there are puzzles, battles, exploration, etc. Breath of Wild is among the most popular and successful titles of 2017 on Switch. If you had played any series of Zelda then you will love revisiting the world.

Super Mario Odyssey: Release Date – 27 October 2017

Super Mario Odyssey is a milestone game for Nintendo Switch, the platform game returned with entertaining twist and turns. This game re-creates the Mario brand offers a wide amount of fresh possibilities to gamers. It is highly innovative and offers amazing gameplay environment. The game offers a fresh look at Mario that impressed many. The game is highly optimized and fully functional on Switch. Super Mario Odyssey when introduced made a lot of news and the game proved itself by offering hours and hours of fresh entertainment.

PC & Consoles:

Resident Evil 7: Release Date – 24 January 2017 (Xbox One/PS4/PC)

Enter the world of survival horror with the seventh editions of Resident Evil series Biohazard. It is among the very popular horror games. The game also supports PSVR offering more immersive horror experience. The game is a single-player mode with first-person gameplay. This new installment once again brings a new story line where you will be playing as Ethan Winters who is trying to locate his wife. The game has action as well as a puzzle. Also, there is a choice in the game that will have an impact on the ending.

NieR: Automata: Release Date – 23 February 2017 (PS4/PC)

NieR: Automata is an action role-playing game, the game brings multiple endings depending on the choices you pick. The game offers you control over androids, you will have the objectives and you have to move own. The game changes its gameplay style in between, for example depending on the objective it will turn to a side-scroller or an air-combat. The game offers you long hours of gameplay, but remember at some point you will find it linear. The game gives you a lot of combat and action. Due to the improved combat system, you can enhance the game with time you spent in playing.

Horizon: Zero Dawn: Release Date – 28 February 2017 (PS4)

Horizon Zero Dawn in one of the finest game you will see this year. This game has an innovative storyline, this single-player game features a post-apocalyptic world ruled by robots. The environment is stunning and the characters are unique. You will play as Aloy in this game, a girl who is in search for answers to her past. Zero Dawn will give you a fresh experience and challenges. It is an open world game where you can do various another task. Exploring the beautiful world with Aloy you will also go through a persuasive story. You will be fighting with machine creatures, with various weapons. Horizon Zero Dawn’s innovative look makes it highly appealing.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Initial Release Date – 23 March 2017 (Xbox One/PC)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was introduced first in March this year, in the form of Early Access. The game was an instant hit and it turned to be the 4th best selling game on Xbox One. Full release was in December 2017. The game offers a multiplayer online battle royale mode, where around a hundred players participate together and only the last man standing wins the game. The game is highly competitive and offers a full action. It knows relies players capabilities how they can survive on the deserted island without dying. Each player starts with no weapons, the only objective is to stay in the shrinking circle.

Persona 5: Release Date – April 4, 2017 (PS4)

Persona 5 is a role-playing video game first released in Japan (PS3) in September 2015 and later it was released world-wide in 2017. It is a PS4 Exclusive Game. This stylish JRPG game offers you to play with a group of teenagers who called them Phantom Thieves. The goal was to steal the treasure in Meta Verse to cause a change of heart of the victim in real life. The story is pretty simple but brings a lot of challenges and a very long gameplay. You will not only have enough action, but you will also have to do casual activities in-order to wait for your next task. The game is vast, it is neatly designed, it is more like playing a live comic. The visuals and story will keep you engaged, the characters are simply unique and lively. You can upgrade your character strength from Velvet Room.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice: Release Date – 8 August 2017 (PS4/PC)

Hellblade is a dark fantasy psychological horror action-adventure video game released for PC and PS4. Watch out this one is a horror game and has certain psychological characteristics that can disturb others. The game is made pretty amazing, it has a grasping story line and true ghastly elements. You will be playing as Senua who his on her journey to hell to meet the goddess of death. The game has many twist and turns, there are puzzles and action where you battle with hell creatures. The game is unique and nicely executed. Though it does not has a very long story line, but the one we have is pretty enough and you would definitely love to play it once again. If you are looking for an exceptional horror game then this one must be on your list.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy: Release Date – 22 August 2017 (PS4)

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is an action-adventure game by Naughty Dog. This new extended story will let you control Chloe Frazer on an adventurous journey of locating a hidden treasure. There are amazing puzzles and action compiled with the story. You will fight with enemies in between and also find yourself stuck in between of nowhere with a mysterious puzzle to solve. This game is really fun to play but as usual due to the static combat and lengthy missions you might get bored after few hours.

Cuphead: Release Date – 29 September 2017 (PC/Xbox One)

Cuphead is a run and gun indie game, slightly different from full-featured action RPG games we see. This can be counted as something really different that brings nostalgic memories back. The game is completely hand-drawn, the game animation takes a lot of inspiration from 1930’s cartoon. The game will give you an outdated look, but don’t ignore its gameplay mechanism. There are boss fights at the end of each level where you will have to face more challenge to win. The game has ample of levels you can play through with three worlds to cover. If you are looking for a classic game to be in your library then Cuphead is one of the best to go for.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: Release Date – 27 October 2017 (PC/PS4/Xbox One)

Assassin’s Creed series is back with Origins title, this new title will take you to Egypt. This action adventure game was highly successful and offers a lot of open-world activities. It has a long storyline, along with tons of things you can do in the massive open world. The gameplay mechanism offers you a fresh adventurous journey in the Assassins world. There are tons of objectives to play, also you explore beautiful Egypt. Assassin’s Creed Origins is one of the best open-world games, you will truly enjoy the fresh experience.

Special Mention:

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy: Release Date – 30 June 2017 (PS4)

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is a platform video game exclusive for PS4. The game is a collection of re-master editions of first three games of Crash Bandicoot Series. They are Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back & Warped. The game is pretty awesome if you are looking for platformer games for PS4. There are various levels and using the spinning/jumping technique you can kill enemies, open create and gather items.

So these are the list of best games of 2017, you can also share your views in the comment section below or update us in case if missed something.

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