Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Analysis Shows Faster Loading Times On Switch, And More

Crash Bandicoot

Image via Sony

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Digital Foundry has managed to put its hands on all the editions of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy remaster, and has offered a quite deep analysis of how the games work on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X in particular.

Digital Foundry says that the Nintendo Switch version of “the game running at standard 720p while docked, dropping down to 853×480 in portable mode – a proper, non-anamorphic 480p presentation, effectively.”


“Performance in both configurations is much the same, with a matching 30fps target to the other console builds, but there’s more variation in performance more often, both above and below the 33ms target frame-time.”

While the input lag is a bit more noticeable here, it’s surprising to see that the new version of the game on Nintendo Switch features quicker loading times even in comparison with the PlayStation 4 Pro edition.

“Loading times were my major issue with the original release on PlayStation 4 and Pro, taking forever to move between stages, impacting the flow of the game. This is fixed on Xbox One, with loading times so fast, it almost feels like you don’t really need the loading screens,” says DF.

“Switch is the next fastest, running a second or so faster than PS4 Pro, which Is still massively improved compared to its initial showing – we’re talking about frequent 13-16 second delays reduced down to five to six seconds with the new update.”

And then here it comes the Xbox One X version, which runs at a whopping native 4K and only lacks the 60 frames per second support in comparison with the PC release:

“Put simply, base Xbox users can go in safe in the knowledge that they’re getting an excellent experience – and that only ramps up on Xbox One X, where Crash retains its solid 30fps performance but ramps up the pixel count to a full 4K. That’s an impressive 2.25x increase over the 1440p of PS4 Pro.”

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