10 combo attacks every Marvel’s Spider-Man player should master

Insomniac Games’ action-adventure open-world hit Marvel’s Spider-Man is out now, delighting PlayStation 4 players around the world. That’s thanks in part to the game’s fluid combat system, which lets players dodge, punch, and web sling their way through enemy thugs across Manhattan. As far as Spider-Man games go, this one has incredibly intense melee battles.

Be warned, Marvel’s Spider-Man isn’t easy, and it only takes a few mistakes to find yourself lying limp in front of Wilson Fisk’s gangsters. If you want to survive on the mean streets of New York City, you’ll want to spend plenty of time learning how to execute these combos.

Long DodgeCircle, then X
Dodge UnderSquare, then circle
ThrowSquare, then hold triangle
Yank Down AttackHold square, then hold triangle
Air Launcher Follow UpHold square, then press square
Air ComboSquare 4x
Leap OffSquare, then X
Off the Wall AttackCircle, then square when next to a wall
Web Shooter and Swing KickR1 repeatedly, then hold square after jumping
Disarm Enemy and Air ComboHold triangle, then square 4x

Long Dodge

One of the simplest combos available, press circle and then press X. Spider-Man will dodge out of your target’s distance and immediately jump forward, giving you some breathing room between yourself and your enemies before planning your next attack.

Dodge Under

Strike an opponent with square and then slide underneath their legs with circle. This move is absolutely essential during combat, since it can be used to land a punch and subsequently pop up behind your enemy, giving you the perfect opportunity to land that knockout blow.


Press square and then hold triangle to throw your opponent in any direction. This can be used to knock your enemy down onto the ground and stop nearby opponents in their tracks.

Yank Down Attack

Throw your opponent into the air with square, then hold triangle to send them plummeting back to Earth. This will throw your enemy onto their back while knocking nearby thugs to the ground, making it perfect for crowd control.

Air Launcher Follow Up

Hold square to send your opponent flying into the air, then press square again for another hit. This won’t deal as much damage as the Air Combo, but it will give you the perfect opportunity to deal some quick damage to stall an opponent or land that final blow.

Air Combo

Strike your opponent four times by repeatedly pressing square. This will throw your opponent into the air and send them flying to the ground, knocking them back and giving you plenty of breathing space. This one is a must-learn by far, especially if you want a combo that can be used to transition into air combat.

Leap Off

Press square and then press X. This gives you an opening to switch to air combat or back away from an enemy after landing a hit, buying you room to breathe while dealing with an incoming mob.

Off the Wall Attack

Press circle if you’re up against a building or wall, and then press square. Spider-Man will jump onto the wall and dive into his opponent, knocking them down onto the ground.

Web Shooter and Swing Kick

Web your enemy by pressing R1 until they’re stuck in place, then hold square while in the air. This will give you the perfect opening to strike down an incapacitated target, sending them flying into a window or off of a ledge.

Disarm Enemy and Air Combo

After unlocking the ability to disarm an enemy’s melee weapon or firearm, hold triangle to disarm them, then run up to your opponent and execute an Air Combo. This should give you the perfect opportunity to knock down an opponent staggering after their weapon has been taken away.