10 funny and creative farm name ideas for Stardew Valley

Puns, references, and more.

Image via ConcernedApe

Stardew Valley is one of those games that are equal parts fun, creative, and relaxing. It offers a huge replayability value in the ways that you can go about managing your farm, as well as the way you interact with the local townsfolk. There are even different types of farms that you can choose to build, and it offers a huge replayability factor. With that in mind, you might struggle to come up with farm names, so we hope that our list will inspire you with some creative ideas in Stardew Valley.

Funny and creative Stardew Valley farm name suggestions

Cabbage Man’s Cabbage Farm

Straight out of the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe, you can choose to specialize your farm in the iconic character’s fare, and if you have a flair for roleplaying, even embody the fan-favorite unfortunate entrepreneur. 

Fun, Flowers & Fishing Farm

For those with a love for alliteration, this version of the name can scratch that itch. There are even other farming-relevant “F” words to go along with the mandatory word “Farm,” such as “Forest,” “Friday,” “Frog,” or “Fancy.”

Hershel’s Farm

For the fans of The Walking Dead comics and show, this farm name is clearly evocative of the brief period of reprieve in the apocalyptic zombie story. Populate it with animals as an extra tribute to the lovable old veterinarian. 

Jurassic Pork Farm

There’s no better name for a farm that’s 100% dedicated to raising and breeding monstrously large pigs. Make every building an animal pen filled with pigs and give them all dinosaur names for extra points. 

Mac & Cheese Farm

For this evocative farm, all you have to do is establish two farming chains. One is to keep cows, who produce milk, which in turn makes cheese. And the other is wheat, turned into flour. Now, all we have to do is to pester Concerned Ape to add the actual final recipe into the game to complete the chain.

New Horizons Farm

In homage to Stardew’s renowned sister game Animal Crossing, you can name your farm after its latest incarnation. And admittedly, it works doubly well as a really good farm name in general.

Speed Farm

We couldn’t make a list of funny names without a gaming pun. And if you’re going to make a speed run of quickest completions in Stardew Valley, you might as well name your farm after the part.

Tatooine Moisture Farm

Since we rarely see the sun in the game due to the gameplay angle, we can’t say for sure that there can’t be a twin sunset on our farm, right? Either way, it would be fun to have a farm with a Stardew Valley version of Luke Skywalker running around.

Velen Outskirts Farm

This farm name should be reserved for the Wilderness Farm type, where monsters roam the night. Bring your own version of the Witcher landscape with this name and try to prosper in a hostile environment.

Westfall Pumpikin Farm

This name should trigger some memories for World of Warcraft players everywhere. Transport a piece of Azeroth to Stardew Valley and get those giant pumpkins growing. Luckily, this version of the farm probably won’t have any Defias Thugs around.