How to melt the ice in Metroid Dread

Defeating one of the most difficult bosses solves the ice problem.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There will come a point in Metroid Dread where Artaria freezes over. Thick sheets of ice block doors, enemies can freeze Samus with attacks, and the X Parasite is running rampant around Planet ZDZ. Solving the ice problem is your next objective, and doing so will bring you to Cataris.

You will have to find new paths to reach the thermal energy vents in Cataris. After acquiring the Gravity Suit, head to Artaria and focus your attention on moving towards the elevator leading to Cataris. Save at a Network Station and speak with ADAM. The AI will tell you the temperature of ZDR has started to fall, and a powerful X may be blocking it. Taking the elevator leads to a familiar area, but now that you have the Morph Ball and bombs, you can reach it again.

Using the Morph Ball launcher takes you to a boss fight with Experiment No. Z-57. The boss is a large X Parasite similar to the dead one on Dairon. Once you defeat the creature, a cutscene will trigger, showing Samus blasting a control system. This thaws all the ice on Artaria and Cataris, allowing you to continue your journey upward. It also reveals the path to obtaining the Screw Attack.