A Rivalry for the Ages quest guide in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

A rivalry among collectors.

Making progress in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will open the doors to new opportunities for players who willing to dive into the rabbit hole of this open-world experience. Even your settlement will have additional content for you to do if you’re willing to pay and work for it. The Rivalry for the Ages quest is one you can choose to do after you’ve unlocked the Museum in your settlement.

Unlocking the Museum

The Museum is a building behind your longhouse. You’ll be able to unlock with 800 supplies and 40 raw materials. After you’ve done that, speak to the owner of it, Octavian, and they’ll be able to provide you with the quest, where they wish for you to find their rival, Maximilian, to retrieve a stolen legionnaire statue.

Where to find Maximilian

You can find Maximilian at the heart of Lunden, close to the Amphitheatre. Lunden is to the west of Essexe, to the southeast of Oxenefordscire. It’s a small region and is primarily a city. Once you reach Lunden, your quest tracker should be showing you where Maximilian’s home location, behind the Amphitheatre, next to the stables. He’ll be arguing with another person, and you can speak to him whenever you want.

Obtaining the legionnaire statue

When you speak to Maximilian, he’ll give you two options to give you the statue. You can choose to pay him 150 silver for it, or if you have at least five charisma, you’ll be able to persuade him to give it to you. If you’d rather use the charisma, and not pay Maximilian, you can choose to come back to him again later after you’ve completed enough Flyting challenges.

When Maximilian has agreed to give it to you, you’ll be able to walk into his house and grab it off of the table. From there, fast travel back to Ravensthorpe to give it to Octavian. He’ll be thankful for having it back but won’t provide any reward. You do receive 3,400 XP, though.