Chapter 4 Vengeance Walkthrough – A Way Out


In the previous part Chapter 3 Preparation, Vincent and Leo got a trail of Harvey who is in Mexico. In this chapter, the duo will be going to Mexico to find Harvey. There is a ski diving sequence in it, which is a multiple choice question, you can pick one if you want or you can go a safer way. There is also long firefight and bike driving sequence in this part.

Vengeance Walkthrough

Chapter 4 Vengeance Walkthrough

In the cutscene, you will see Vincent and Leo are prepared to take on Harvey in Mexico. You will get two choices here, first is Parachute which is Vincent’s way and second is Land Plane which is Leo’s way. Both sections are separately mentioned below, the activities you will have to do with both the choices.

Help Emily:

Before taking off you will have to help Emily in starting up the plane. The screen will split into two, you will have three objectives to complete Turn off Fuel Flow, Get Emily’s logbook and Open hangar doors. Two objectives are interconnected one player can turn off the fuel flow by going near the cylinders on left and other can pull out the fuel pipe from the plain. The logbook is on the table on the right of cylinders. To open the hangar doors both characters will have to go near the door and push them in opposite direction. Before boarding, give Emily her log book and done.

  • Parachute: If you pick Vincent’s choice to jump from the plane using a parachute, then you will play a brief skydiving adventure. Both will have to glide down to the landing zone below, Leo will be in trouble as Vincent you will need to help him. Dive towards him to rescue Leo.
  • Land The Plane: If you pick Leo’s way then you will be on the ground. You will have to trek through the forest, slash vines to make way to reach Harvey’s compound.

Vengeance Walkthrough

The Sniper:

Once you are landed move through the rocks, and you will spot some guards below. You can shoot them if you want or you can kill them in stealth mode. There will be another one wandering around, hit him and move ahead, you will reach a compound. Pull the metal sheet to open the passage. There will be a sniper blocking your path, walk from an extreme left end. Go up and keep moving through covers. Enter an old factory on left and crawl through a narrow space to reach the other side. Take the stairs ahead and you can ambush the sniper.

Vengeance Walkthrough

One of you will take the door on the right. For example, Vincent can be the sniper who is taking down the incoming re-enforcements, as Leo you can shoot them down from a cover. As the sniper takes down the guards ahead, move ahead and then you will spot more are coming from the entrance. This will be a short firefight. Keep looking around for red arrows, you will get the guards locations, keep shooting. Once done, the sniper has to walk towards the left end and go down. There is a garage door, both will have to pull it to open it and go down. Jump down from the broken bridge and keep running from the mountain edges. To move ahead push the garbage bin and you will reach a mansion.

The Mansion:

Vengeance Walkthrough

You will have to cross a heavily guarded area before you make your way to the mansion. Quietly walk through the houses around and you can take the down the guards in stealth. Just stay in cover and let the guards approach, and then attack. Next, you will have to share a good amount of fire fight with the guards in the area. Get a location and target them separately. There are Sand Bags around that can offer you a good cover from the incoming attacks. Once you had done clearing the area, ahead you will see a bunch of guards in a single place. In between, you will also have to push a car that will open up a path ahead. Go down and you will reach a weapon stash, you can swipe your weapons here.

Vengeance Walkthrough

Shoot the gate lock to open it and you will be inside a store with a lot of guards. Take cover behind the columns and wine drums around and shoot the guards who are firing behind a door. One player will have to run towards the other side of the room and throw a cylinder. It is not easy to get there, shoot on the door and the guards will stop shooting for a while, the next character can move and throw the door near the window. Shoot it to break the door.

Vengeance Walkthrough

On this new floor once again you will be shooting up a lot of guards to reach ahead. Keep shooting and reach the door that will take you inside. Break it and you will spot Harvey and his guards. There are many of them and Harvey on the other side is using a grenade launcher. One player will have to target the guards and the other one can slowly move ahead towards Harvey. Shoot in co-ordination. Finish him, next you have to escape the place.

Bike Ride:

Vengeance Walkthrough

This is a bike ride event, where both characters will be on the bike and trying to escape Harvey’s men. Drive through the jungle road, keep driving till you reach Emily. You cannot shoot while driving so your only way to live alive is keep driving up straight through the road. There is some really amazing action sequence in this part. Leo will be left behind, stuck in the debris, you have to drive back to save him. Leo can shoot now and Vincent will drive. You will spot the plane drive near it and jump.

This completes Chapter 4 Vengeance, you can read our walkthrough on the final part Chapter 5 Conflict or you can also read our A Way Out Wiki guide for more updates.