All Affinities in Humankind

How will your Empire grow?

Image via AMPLITUDE Studios

There are seven Affinities you can choose for your empire in Humankind. By picking an Affinity after unlocking the initial era, your empire will be focusing on this moving forward. For example, for our first game, Merchant, our empire would concentrate more on acquiring money and trading. This guide details all seven Affinities in Humankind and how they work.

Here’s the breakdown of each Affinity. Each Affinity has a secondary category.

  • Aesthete: You’ll be focusing on culture and interacting with other empires.
    • Culturual Blitz: Gain the ability to use money to overwhelm a Territory with Culturual Influence, gaining infulence
    • Grace: An Aesthete Culture is always considered to be at a maximum Iedological Proximity with everyone to ease diplomacy.
  • Agrarian: You’ll be focusing on increasing your city’s overall populations.
    • Community: Whenever a city gains population, its stability increases
    • Land of Plenty: You can use influence to trigger migrations from other populations, stealing from adjacent Territories
  • Builder: You’ll be focusing on increasing and utilizing your city’s Industry.
    • Land Raiser: Convert all of a city’s Sciency, Money, and surplus Food into Industry for a minimum number of turns.
    • Pride: Whenever a new District is constructed in a city, that city’s Stability increases
  • Expansionist: You’ll be focusing on using your armies to expand your territory in an aggressive manner.
    • Ambition: Your armies can cross borders no matter the diplomatic situation, and they will not be blocked or receive damage. However, all grievances still occur.
    • Under One Banner: At a cost, you can use your armies to forcibly annex Territories from another occupied Empire’s Outpost or Administractive Centre, but they gain a Grievance against you.
  • Merchant: You’ll be focusing on many to expand your empire’s wealth.
    • Mediation: You can sell your Resources purchased from third parties.
    • Power Investor: You can use your influence to create resource extractors to improve relations with other empires.
  • Militarist: You’ll be focusing on building up your armies throughout your Empire.
    • Iron Reserves: You can raise Militia Armies in any city, so long as they have enough of a population.
    • Vigilance: You can have increase War Support value, making it easier to fight against other Empires.
  • Scientist: You’ll be focusing on science to propel your Empire forward through history.
    • Collective Minds: You can enter a special mode to convert all Industry, Money, and surplus Food into Science for a minimum amount of turns.
    • Foresight: You can unlock technologies from the next technological Era.

Depending on what type of Affinity you pick, you’ll be determining the foundation of your Empire and how you wish to play them in Humankind.